02 NovOur Projects

The Memphis City Schools Foundation (MCSF) is comprised of volunteer community leaders who are committed to leading and initiating community efforts to help ensure that the quality of education for children in Memphis, TN is comparable to the finest schools in the country. MCSF was established in 2009 and serves as the fiscal agent for the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $90 million landmark grant awarded to the school district.


Revolutionizing Our Schools. Transforming Our City.
That is the goal of the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative (TEI). Acceptance of the Gates Grant ensured the revolution of our school system is under way. At the forefront of this revolution is an army of teach­ers, parents, administrators, policy makers, community leaders, principals, students – and last but not least, funders. At the heart of the revolution is an implementation plan with a razor sharp focus on improving teacher effective­ness and for the first time in our District’s history we have the skill set, the data, the willingness and the political landscape all positioned to culminate in real and systemic transformation.


TEI Goals:


    • Improved effectiveness for tenured teachers.


    • Improved support and increased retention of effective beginning teachers.


    • Reduced number of students with ineffective teachers.


    • Improved effectiveness of under-performing teachers.


    • Expanded student access to the very best teachers.


    • Lengthened teaching careers for our best teachers.


    • Improved learning opportunities for highest-need students.


    • Improved principal support for productive learning environments.


    • Higher level of teacher and student satisfaction.


In addition to the TEI project the Foundation also raises funds to support the following:


    • Schools – Library Books, Student Enrichment, Beautification Projects, Classroom Supplies, Teacher Enrichment Activities


    • Athletics – Healthy Memphis Initiative, High School Weight Room Upgrades, Athletic Uniforms, Student Athlete Recognition Program (SAE Awards), Enhancement of MCS Sports Rehabilitation Centers (4)


    • System-wide Strategic Initiatives – MCS Literacy Corp, M squared Math Program, MCS Pre-K Express, MCS Health Clinic, MCS Music & Arts Programming, Annual MCS Alumni Hall of Fame, Annual MCS Scholars Banquet, MCS Parent Engagement Initiative – creation of a Demand Parent Center


    • Disadvantaged Student Services – support for items such as school uniforms, school supplies and other support identified by school counselors and social workers.


    • A professional agreement with New Leaders New Schools to build principal capacity – recruit and train strong school leaders.